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I have been involved in some type of cheerleading ever since I can remember. Although I took part in other sports, clubs, activities, I have always returned to cheer. It was and has always been more than just a sport to me, it is a way of life. When I think of all the characteristics one must have to be true to this sport, many come to mind. Every member of a squad strives to posses as many as possible, if not all. As we grow from the child teaching cheers and stunts on the play ground, to attending many weekend cheerleading kids camps, to being part of a actual school squad, the growing you hopefully will learn begins. You not only attain enthusiasm, leadership, athleticism, sportsmanship, school pride and spirit, communication, but most importantly muli-tasking, determination, drive, and self-confidence! Of all theses characteristics, I believe the last four are what I will use most as an adult after graduating high school. As I put my whole heart into being a member of our squad, I also maintained a competitive grade point average, active member of my church, volunteered in my community, member of the school leadership class, sang in our symphonic choir, and enjoyed time with my family and friends. I learned to make good use of my class time, as to avoid homework that would have to otherwise be done after daily cheerleading practices or tumbiling classes. I also spent many lunches finishing school work or studying for tests, which ensured time for a good night sleep. Through four years of this type of scheduling, I learned drive and determination. There were often days I would wake up tired or sore, or just plain overwhelmed, but I soon learned that if I did not have those two things none of the hard work would pay off. I further learned I excelled better if I was very busy. The most important characteristic of all is self-confidence. As a freshman, I was less than confident. I was the member of a squad that contained one sophomore and the rest all...
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