Ched Stratregic Plan

Topics: Higher education, Education, Millennium Development Goals Pages: 19 (5120 words) Published: February 1, 2013
The Commission on Higher Education – CHED is the key leader of the Philippine higher education system effectively working in partnership with other major higher education stakeholders in building the country’s human capital and innovation capacity towards the development of a Filipino nation as a responsible member of the international community.

Given the national government’s commitment to transformational leadership that puts education as the central strategy for investing in the Filipino people, reducing poverty, and building national competitiveness and pursuant to Republic Act 7722, CHED shall: a. Promote relevant and quality higher education (i.e. higher education

institutions and programs are at par with international standards and graduates and professionals are highly competent and recognized in the international arena); b. ensure that quality higher education is accessible to all who seek it

particularly those who may not be able to afford it;
c. guarantee and protect academic freedom for continuing intellectual

growth, advancement of learning and research, development of responsible and effective leadership, education of high level professionals, and enrichment of historical and cultural heritages; and d. commit

to moral ascendancy that eradicates corrupt practices, institutionalizes transparency and accountability and encourages participatory governance in the Commission and the subsector.

The overall societal goal is the attainment of inclusive growth and sustainable development while the higher education sub-sector goals are: the formation of high-level human resource, and generation, adaptation, and transfer of knowledge and technology for national development and global competitiveness. Specifically, CHED aims to achieve the following objectives in the next five years:

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a. Improve

b. c. d.


the relevance of higher education institutions (HEIs), programs, systems, and research to respond to the thrusts of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP), 2011 - 2016; upgrade the quality of higher education institutions, programs and systems in the country towards achieving international standards; broaden access to quality higher education of those who seek it; efficiently and effectively manage the higher education system ensuring transparency and integrity in its programs and activities as its commitment to moral ascendancy; and strengthen the Commission on Higher Education and other major stakeholders.

The CHED overall strategic framework (Figure 1) is guided by the 16 point priority agenda of the Aquino administration clustered into five development thrusts, namely: (1) anti-corruption/transparent, accountable and participatory governance, (2) poverty reduction and empowerment of the poor, (3) rapid, equitable and sustained economic growth, (4) just, inclusive and lasting peace and the rule of law, and (5) integrity of the environment/climate change mitigation and adaptation. In order to maximize the higher education system’s contribution towards building the country’s human capital and innovation capacity, CHED has to address the challenges besetting the subsector particularly the following: lack of overall vision, framework and plan; deteriorating quality of higher education; and limited access to quality higher education. To achieve the above subsectoral objectives, CHED has identified and will focus on five (5) major key result areas (KRAs), namely, (1) rationalized Philippine higher education system; (2) improved quality and standards; (3) broadened access to quality higher education; (4) transparent, morally ascendant, efficient and effective management system; and (5) effective organizational development. To achieve its first mandate and objective, CHED shall focus on KRA 4: transparent, morally ascendant, efficient and effective...
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