Checks and Balances

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POL 101 American Government
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Checks and Balances
In late 2011 President Obama sent troops to Libya to aid in the search for Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, and he did so without congressional approval. Under the War Powers Resolution the President has 60 days (in some cases 90 days) to acquire permission from congress for the mission to continue. However when Mr. Obama passed the 60 day deadline without congressional approval, the question was posed, “Does President Obama have the authority to bypass the War Powers Resolution and have the troop remain in Libya?” the short answer is no he does not. I do believe President Obama was in fact overstepping his bounds for several reasons, first I believe in the strict interpretation of the constitution, and the way in which he tries to use the inherent powers In this case is in violation of the constitution. Second I disagree with the Obama administrations idea that what was going on in Libya did not qualify as “hostilities”. And lastly because of the misleading information, about U.S. forces taking a backseat, that the administration provided congress to enforce their argument that we were not involved in hostilities.

As I stated before I believe in the strict interpretation of the constitution, that being said I agree there are certain inherent powers which are inferred by the constitution. The lines and boundaries of these inherent powers are very shifty and have been used by many presidents in the past. However in this case I do not believe the inherent apply, they would have at one point in time but that is why the War Powers Resolution was created after Vietnam. The bill was designed to keep something like that from happening again. This administration, in my opinion, has attempted to use the inherent powers as a mask to shield the fact that they are willfully disregarding the guidelines clearly states in the War Powers Resolution.

The definition of hostilities is defines as a...
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