Checks and Balances

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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In the Federalist 51 papers, James Madison already knew that the government needed a method to prevent one department from having the ability to completely overrun another department. Madison knew that in order for a government to be successful, they would need to control a specific entity but also have some control over the rest of the government, which would help to prevent any one area from becoming more powerful than the rest and would prevent them from making all the decisions.  James Madison wanted the people to feel secure that their government would not overtake them nor that any area of the government would have more control than another.  James Madison wrote this paper in 1787-1788 and almost 225 years later, our government still follows this same method of checks and balances that he helped to create within the United States Constitution. ​The national government is divided into three branches which are not independent of one another. The United States Constitution, created a system of checks and balances to specify that no branch could become too powerful, just as Madison had stated in his Federalist 51 paper. The branches are known as the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. These three branches were created and are still in use today. Madison even noted that the Legislative Branch would be divided into two “branches” which we now know as chambers.  These are known as the Senate and the House of Representatives.   The Legislative branch is given all the power to actually make the laws while still maintaining its power (checks) over the Executive Branch. The Legislative Branch may override presidential vetoes with a two-thirds vote. They have the power to remove the president through impeachment. The Senate approves treaties as well as presidential appointments. The Legislative Branch has the power (checks) over the Judicial Branch as well. They may create lower courts, they may remove judges through impeachment and the Senate approves appointments...
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