Checkpoint the Risk of Macros

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CheckPoint: The Risk of Macros
January 20, 2012
Even though Macros do it yourself software is ranked as one of Microsoft’s most useful tools to use. Based on the article by Lenning (2005) the primary security risk for users to know using macros is that many of these sites could have many different types of viruses. It is recommended that one should use caution when opening a new document. You should only open and used a trusted because some files can be corrupted and then they will spread viruses to your computer and most of the time you do not know where they come from. Depending on which version that you are going to use you will get a warning every time for a file that contains a macro. This is done because many times macros can be programmed to act like a virus. Before even considering opening a marcro site one has to remember that it can be dangerous to their computer. Because these viruses that pretend to be a marco they can get into your computer and delete files and cause other damage to your system as viruses are meant to do. It’s a good idea to be careful when you enable macros. There are a couple of ways to help keep your computer safe; I would look at installing the lasts service packs and updates for Microsoft. I would also make sure I had a strong firewall/anti- virus program on my computer. But, the main way to help keep your computer safe I feel is to pay attention to what you are using, what sites, and what you download.
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