Checkpoint: the Birt Database Xbis/219

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CheckPoint: The BIRT Database XBIS/219
14 December 2012

CheckPoint: The BIRT Database
The BIRT sample database offers software to assist business owner’s in creating and designing simple business reports. The schema is for Classic Models, a retailer of scale models of classic cars. The database contains general business data such as sale offices, employees (including sales representatives), customers, orders, order details, payments, products, and product lines. This software program generates reports based on the information entered and adds variety of available reports that are filtered and grouped to fit any application and needs. Reports that are available include lists, charts, crosstabs or matrix, compound reports, letters, and documents. BIRT reports consist of four main parts which are data, data transforms, business logic and presentation. Information can be entered from different locations and all be incorporated into one report or into smaller fixed reports for separate stores. Reports that incorporate the business in its entirety, give a better bigger picture of the company. Each table has subtopics with available detailed information. The website also includes a diagram that shows the relationships between different departments. Once the data is entered and ready, there is a plethora of ways to present information and can include tables, charts, text, and more. Single data can be presented in many different ways and you can also present data from many different areas. Accuracy depends on correct data information entered, reports will be false if information is entered incorrectly or out of date information is still present.

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