Checkpoint Sternberg's Theory of Love

Topics: Love, Triangular theory of love, Robert Sternberg Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Summary of Sternberg’s Theory of Love

Sternberg’s Theory is one that is made up of three main components that are seen in different types of love toward people. With the three main components there are eight different type of love formed through them; and they are: nonlove, liking, infatuation, empty love, romantic love, companionate love, fatuous love, and consummate love. In looking at Sternberg’s model he shows how couples complement each other when they are matched up with the same levels of passion, commitment, and intimacy. The nonlove form is one that does not have any parts of love in it. Nonlove does not have any components of love in it, this type of form is most seen when people have acquaintances meaning doctor, professor, co-worker, etc. Next is liking which shows intimacy, but no other parts of love. Liking someone or thing show that the person has a close and intimate relationship with someone or thing with on real commitment. Infatuation is when a person does not know the other person and they end up sleeping together for the night. Infatuation is shown as having passion but no other components of love. Empty love is when someone is fully committed to the other person but does not show them any type of intimacy or passion. We all see this type of love in many married couples that stays together for the kid’s sake. Romantic love is when the person feels passion and is intimate with the other person, but there is no commitment involved in the relationship. In this stage of the game the two are emotionally and physically into each other. Companionate love is when two people are intimate and have committed to each other but there is not a lot of passion among them. Fatuous love is when the two are committed to each other and there is passion between the two but they are not intimate. Consummate love is when it has all three components involved in the love for both people. This when two people fell the same way about each other and all three...
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