Checkpoint Reading and Comprehension

Topics: English-language films, Presentation program, Audience Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: October 3, 2011
CheckPoint: Reading and Comprehension

GEN 105

* Don’t try to make the audience laugh. They came to learn about what you are presenting, not laugh. * Don’t try to impress anyone with a lot of big words. * Try to make the audience absorb in what you are saying. Help them get lost in the presentation by getting over the awkward pauses and such. * If you decide to use a power point show, don’t let it be the entire presentation. * Not too many will care about the history of a company and such; focus on what you are presenting. You are not getting graded on what you now about the past. When I was getting ready to read this article, I went into a quiet room and was expecting to have to count out how many words I had read and use a timer. I was ready, then I read this article and I defiantly became emotionally involved. I could relate to the article because I have to do a business presentation in a few weeks for my final project. I was most interested in the comedy section. I always felt that comedy is the way to some one’s heart. If you make them laugh you relax them, and you ultimately get what you came for. I was wrong; it makes sense that too much funny could be bad. I did not come across any new vocabulary. This article was very informative and I will use it as a reference with my final projects.
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