Checkpoint: Patient Self-Determination Act

Topics: Medical ethics, Health care proxy, Advance health care directive Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: June 26, 2011
CheckPoint: Patient Self-Determination ActCheckPoint: Patient Self-Determination Act

The Patient Self-Determination Act which became effective in 1990 required consumers to be provided with informed consent, information about their right to make advance health care decisions (called advance directives), and information about state laws that impact legal choices in making health care decisions. All health care facilities in North America are by the act required to notify patients ages 18 and older their right to have an advance directive in their medical records. In advances directives it includes items such as a health care proxy, living wills and power of attorney medical wise. It says the patient must be notified in writing by the facility of the federal laws for advance directives per state they live in. I myself feel that this is a very beneficial act for the patients and facilities and the patient medical records. It will help the doctors , patients or any medical personnel know what the patient wishes are if problems or situations come up so that can make so that they will be able to honor the patients last wishes and requests. With this act the patient will have the right to let the doctors know how they would like to be treated if an emergency issue arises by having the document in advance giving their final wishes to do if they are unable to verbally give the request and also in their documents from the advance directives it will give important information such as if the patient wants to donate their organs in the don’t make it through the emergency.
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