Checkpoint Network Consultant Scenario

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Checkpoint: Network Consultant Scenario
You have been contracted to build a network for a multimedia development firm that currently uses a 10-Mbps Ethernet network. The company requires a high-bandwidth network for the multimedia team, which constantly views and manipulates large files across the network. The company is expecting moderate growth. You are to come up with a solution to support the high-bandwidth applications and growth potential of this company. Required result:

■ Increase network bandwidth.
Optional result:
■ Support future growth.
■ Improve server response time.
Proposed solution:
■ Install CAT 5 UTP cable in a star topology with the existing hub. ■ Upgrade the workstation’s adapter cards to support 100 Mbps. ■ Increase the amount of RAM in the server.
The proposed solution ___________.
a. achieves the required result and both optional results
b. does not achieve the required result but achieves both the optional results c. does not achieve the required result but does achieve one of the optional results d. achieves the required result but cannot achieve either of the optional results e. achieves neither the required result nor either of the optional results Ans:Correct answer should be e. achieves neither the required result nor either of the optional results

the result the firm wants to achieve is to Increase network bandwidth. Optional results are, the solution proposed should support future growth and improve server response time. The proposed solution does not meet any of the above mentioned requirements.

Though CAT-5 cable supports up to 100 Mbps, it will not improve the network bandwidth significantly. Bottleneck will be Hub. Instead of Hub, firm should put switch which will decrease collision. If it is layer-3 switch, VLAN can also be configured which will improve response time and network performance. Similarly, this solution does not support future growth. In fact, futuristic solution would suggest use of CAT 5e...
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