Checkpoint: Group Communication

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CheckPoint: Group Communication
October 28, 2012
Candice Dorsey

CheckPoint: Group Communication
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How does group communication differ from individual communication? Define group communication in your own words, in three to five sentences. Discuss strategies used to promote individual and group communication.

Group communication differs from individual communication, due to the fact one you're with a bunch of people, and the other you are on a one on one basis. The individual communication is usually easier when you are talking about a specific issue pertaining to you, and it's generally easier to ask questions and not feel bad or embarrassed by your questions. In a group communication it's better to learn from others. Say you are in a group communication and you are all working on the same project, everyone feeds off the other, to come up with more improved ideas, and often you learn something you didn't know before. The only downfall with a group communication is that everyone talks, and sometimes it's a bit hard to talk or put your idea out there, and some people find if difficult to talk in front of people.

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What conflict resolution strategies could be used in case of disagreement?

The most important strategy plan would be establish the principles of discussion before engagement. When problems arise address them right away, do not wait till it's too late to talk about. It's not often that everyone in the group is going to agree about the same thing, but let it be know what you do not agree with or what you do agree with right away. if you feel that the conversation needs to be held after the meeting let it be know right away that you need to talk after the meeting. There will always be several disagreements, and each one has to be dealt with differently, and we should always make sure there is a difference. Then we...
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