Checkpoint 2: Police Stress Cjs 210

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  • Published : July 6, 2011
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In this week’s check point we discuss police stress and how it affects the officer’s job, social life, and personal life. Having the knowledge of the criminal justice system and the way it forces police officers to live a different strenuous life, creating police habits, roles, personalities, and physiologic problems. With all this pressure on the officer’s mind it creates a stress that can cause any police officer to have a break down or even worse, police suicide. Stress is a body reaction to internal or external stimuli that upset the body’s normal state. A stimulus that cuases stress or stressor can be physical, mental, or emotional. External stress; stress produced by real threats and dangers, such as responding to gun runs and other dangerous assignments and talking part in auto pursuits. Organizational stress; stress produced by elements inherent in the quasi-military character of the police service, such as constant adjustment to changing tours of duty, odd working hours, working holidays, and the strict discipline imposed on officers. Personal stress; stress produced by the interpersonal characteristics of belonging to the police organization, such as difficulties in getting along with other officers. Operational stress; stress produced by the daily need to confront the tragedies of urban life: the need to deal with derelicts, criminals, the mentally disturbed, and the drug addicted; the need to engage in dangerous activity to protect a public that appears to be unappreciative of the police; and the constant awareness of the possibility of being legally liable for actions performed while on duty. Reviewing over the four types of stress that police are usually confronted with it makes one wonder how this affects the police officers job, social life, and personal life. Below are effects of stress on police officers; -Cynicism and suspiciousness

-Emotional detachment form various aspects of daily life
-Reduced efficiency
-Absenteeism and...
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