Check Point Worksheet on Shadows

Topics: Light, Total internal reflection, Optics Pages: 6 (1831 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Q1. It is night-time and the desk lamp is on. Light shines onto the key.

(a) (i) Draw one ray of light on the diagram to show the light shining from the lamp onto the key. Use a ruler. Put an arrow on the ray to show the direction of the light. 2 marks (ii) There is a patch of light on the wall. This light has been reflected from the key. Draw a reflected ray of light on the diagram. Use a ruler. 2 marks (b) There is a dark shadow on the table beside the mug. Explain how this shadow is formed. 2 marks Maximum 6 marks Q2. The diagram shows a lighthouse on a rock. It is night-time and there are boats at A, B, C, D and E moored in the water.

(a) On which boat, A, B, C, D or E, would the light from the lighthouse be brightest? 1 mark (b) Each boat makes a shadow on the water. (i) Draw a cross (X) on the diagram to show where the shadow of boat A will be. 1 mark 1 PREPARED BY PREETI MANOJ

(ii) Explain why the shadow forms there.

1 mark (c) The weather changes and the fog horn on the lighthouse makes a loud sound. On which boat, A, B, C, D or E, would the sound of the fog horn be quietest? 1 mark (d) Inside the lighthouse there is a powerful lamp and some mirrors. The diagram shows the lamp and a mirror. A ray of light from the lamp is shown. Carefully draw the ray which is reflected from the mirror. Use a ruler.

2 marks Maximum 6 marks Q3.

(a) Rockets are used to summon help from lifeboat crews. A rocket was sent high into the air above a seaside town. It exploded with a loud bang and a bright flash of light. Lisa observed the alarm flare being sent up. Which statement is correct? A: the bright flash of light was seen first B: the loud bang was heard first C: the flash of light was seen and the bang was heard at the same time 1 mark Give a reason for your answer. 1 mark 2 PREPARED BY PREETI MANOJ

(b) Some people were nearer to the rocket than Lisa. How did the sound seem to them? A: It was quieter. B: It was louder. C: It was higher pitched. D: It was lower pitched. 1 mark Maximum 3 marks 4. Thunder and lightning happen at the same time.

(a) We see the flash of lightning before we hear the thunder. Give the reason for this. 1 mark (b) Omar investigated the movement of a storm. He measured the time between seeing a flash of lightning and hearing the thunder. He did this six times. Omar put his results in a table. Flash of lightning A B C D E F Time between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder, in seconds 8.0 5.0 3.0 9.0 13.0 16.5

Omar drew a bar chart of his results as shown below.


(i) On the bar chart, draw a bar for flash D. Use a ruler. 1 mark (ii) Which flash of lightning was closest to Omar? 1 mark (iii) Describe how the distance between the storm and Omar changed as the storm moved between flash A and flash F. 1 mark Maximum 4 marks 5. James's coin has rolled under a cupboard. It is dark under the cupboard, and he cannot see the coin even though the light is on. The diagram shows his problem.

(a) Explain why a shadow forms under the cupboard.

1 mark


(b) James uses a mirror to shine light from the light bulb onto the coin. He holds the mirror so that it touches the floor at point X. (i) Draw the symbol for a mirror onto the diagram at point X to show the correct angle for him to hold the mirror at. 2 marks (ii) On the diagram, draw the ray of light from the bulb to the coin. Draw an arrow on the ray to show which way the light is travelling. Use a ruler. 2 marks (iii) What is the correct scientific term that describe the ray of light after it hits the mirror. 1 mark Maximum 6 marks 6. A pupil is observing the behaviour of a woodpecker. He uses a periscope to look over a wall at a tree, and waits for the bird to land on the trunk. The pupil can only watch one part of the tree trunk at a time.

(a) Which point on the tree trunk which he can see using the periscope in the...
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