Cheating Sports Through Steroids

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December 8, 2011
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What is cheating? According to Webster’s Dictionary it is “a deception for profit to yourself.” The use of steroids is a form of cheating in sports that has been taken to a new high in the steroid era. Steroids scandals are becoming a common story on ESPN and several other sport networks showing the increase use of steroids in professional sports. There will always be the drive to be the best in sports, but the use of steroids in sports is not the way to be the best. If professional leagues do not begin to make more severe consequences once discovering someone is taking steroids professional athletes will continue to cheat the game as well as continue to be a bad influence on younger athletes.

Athletes have been trying for years to boost their performance. In ancient Greece, during the times of the Olympic Games, Olympians would take herbs and others medicines to try and enhance their performance. Athletes have also tried to increase testosterone by ingesting sheep testicles, just a small price to pay for the great reward of winning in the Olympics. However, true steroids have been in use as early as 1936, but were first recognized in sports in 1954 at the World Weightlifting Championship held in Vienna, Austria. After the domination of the Soviets in the contest the American team physician, John Zeigler, questioned the Soviet’s physicians about how there team was able to be so dominant. The physicians responded by telling Zeigler that they were injecting there athletes with testosterone. Seeing how much better the Soviets were compared to the other countries in the competition made people want what the Soviets had. Gula 2

When Zeigler returned to the U.S. he immediately began research on how to create testosterone. He then came up with a chemical that contained testosterone as well as several other effects, being the first anabolic steroid in America. Zeigler’s steroids lead to the U.S. being dominant in several sports throughout the world. Then the bans started to begin starting with the Olympics banning several different steroids and establishing drug test, then the NFL establishing their anti- steroid policy in 1987. The MLB’s drug policy did not come until 2006, right in the heart of the “steroid-era of baseball,” all these bans showing how steroids are degrading the true competition in sports.

Ever since steroids were introduced athletes have not needed to do as much training in order to get the results they want. Typical professional athletes usually take only a couple weeks off after the season is over to rest and have their bodies recuperate until they begin training again. This is part of being a professional athlete; an athlete must be conditioned throughout the year. In reality there is no off- season because the moments that athletes waste relaxing are moments his or her opponents are getting better. This shows the true dedication professional athletes have to their sports. The use of steroids in the body cheats how athletes prepare. Steroids help athletes amp up their body quicker than going through a regular workout because of the boost in testosterone as well as building up tissue. Anabolic steroids build muscle and bone mass primarily by stimulating the muscle and bone cells to make new protein. So an athlete taking steroids will gain the same amount of strength after taking a month break as an athlete who took a much smaller break if none at all. If an athlete cheats and does not do his job the way it is supposed to be should not he or she get fired? Any person who works office worker who does not do what they are supposed to do and cheats paper work or any other duties and gets caught Gula 3

would automatically get fired by any sane boss because he or she would be easy to replace. Professional sports should be no different. Instead of fining the athlete a sad ten percent of their salary league officials should ban the athlete from his or her sport. Any...
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