Cheating Is Not Reason to Win

Topics: Computer software, John Mark, Corporation Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 11, 2013

Analyn Software Company was one of the biggest companies in this world. This Company creates and develops website and software. The owner of the company planned to have a new proposal about website and software to be market next year. The company chose Mr. Gaño, John Michael, one of the trusted IT experts, brilliance, industrious and genius employee of the company And Mr. Rojan Abdurajik a trying hard one and always in secured even though he already knew that he couldn’t beyond his co-worker no matter what he does. The two leaders were assigned to choose their own members and everyone was busy in making their own proposal through the helped of their companion. The day will come, one day the created website and software by Gaño, John Michael was lost. No one known’s what will happen but they were believe someone rob it on purpose to defeat them. And the presentation will begin the first presenter was a group of Mr. Abdurajik and they were successfully presented their proposal. Second, a group of Mr. Gaño, John Michael they were shock because the website and soft ware presented by Mr. Abdurajik was their works. They told it to the board of Directors Company but the company asked if they have any proof. And finally the owner of the company decided that Mr. Abdurajik will be the one who handle the said planned to market website and software next year. But a group of Mr. Gaño, John Michael couldn’t accept their fortune. The company secretly investigate if who’s among of two leaders are telling the truth. The NBI show their report to the company and base to the information that they have in hand the investigator proved that Mr. Abdurajik and his members were committed the crime so they were arrested by the police. At the end a good and honest person will win. Analyn Software Company decides and congratulates to let Mr. Gaño, John Michael and his group handled the website and software market proposal next year....
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