Cheating in School Essay

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  • Published : October 15, 2012
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Cheating: Easier Than Ever

She took the paper, ripped it up, then stared at the most menacing device her eyes had laid on her whole career; the phone. The teacher had caught the kid cheating on the test, looking at the answers on his phone. Cheating has never been easier thanks to the advancement of technology, but who’s to blame?

Cheating has been around for ages; is the technology really the reason that more cheating is happening, or is it because there is a higher pressure to get better grades with COLLEGE imprinted in your head.

Technology has come to such a level where in the blink of an eye, we can find answers for almost everything with a quick “Google”. Finding knowledge has never been easier with the help of the internet, and now you can use the internet in your classroom with 3g or 4g speeds, which is faster than some people's internet at home. So now that you have the most accurate and most abundant source of knowledge in your hand the question is; should you cheat?
People have many different ways of cheating in school. From the standard looking at someone else's paper, to using high tech cheating such as phones and the internet.

According Education-Portal, since 1940 there has been an increase by 55%-78% increase in cheating. This brings up the question: what is the motivation for cheating?

There are many different kinds of cheaters at school. Some people cheat once in a while with the hopes to boost their grades a little, and then there are the people who are solely dependent on cheating, and do it all the time. Bob from B-CC decided to stay anonymous, but had some very interesting insight on the art of cheating and how cheating helps him in school.

“You don’t need technology to cheat, but it makes cheating a lot easier” says Bob when asked if technology is essential in cheating in school.

“Why work so hard and get a decent grade, when you can work less hard and get a better grade. Once you perfect the art of...
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