Cheating in College: Situation & Solution

Topics: Student, Education, University Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: April 8, 2008
Nowadays, cheating is not rare on campus, & like an epidemic, it is spreading more & more widely. Why? As a college student, I have to say that the importance of exams is so great that scores become the first concern of most of the college students. No one can afford a failure. It will leave a smirch in the student’s record, which can’t be removed easily & will go with him/her for all his/her life. How do the students do the nasty thing? They take notes with them during the exam; they mumble to their partner; they glance at others test paper & so on. Some of them even cheat before the exam. Have you ever heard the news about bribing the teacher to get the answer of the exam? Have you witness someone paying for others to take the exam for him/her? What about stealing the exam paper from teachers locked closet? More & more new “methods” emerged, thanks to the “creativity” of the students. What do these cheaters get? Some of them may “benefit” from getting a fake high score through his/her special effort, but others will get a zero mark or even kicked out of school. Though there is a extremely high risk of getting caught on the spot, some of the “experienced” students faithfully believe In their luck & “skill”. But the more they cheat, the more they are likely to be caught, according to the probability. This kind of moral spot are among the most dangerous ones, which even getting caught once will totally ruin your life. Besides, this kind of getting paid without effort will make them rely on, not knowledge, but luck & their moral standard will corrupt. The harsh problem is lying before us, how to solve that? I’d like to say that there is no single & easy way to deal with it, but it needs co-efforts from all of us. First, we should introduce & invent more advanced technology to spy on the exam-room to detect the unusual behavior of the students more comprehensive & careful. Second, teachers should keep the contents of the exam confidential. Third, more strict...
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