Cheating Essay

Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: April 19, 2013
   What will you do if you were in my situation? We were having this big test in science. Teachers sat that it will be harder than any other tests. They gave has plenty of time to study. On the day of the test, Samantha, one of my close friend, asked me if she can copy my answers. Her magnificent smile fade away as soon as I said she can't copy off my paper. Cheating will not be an option because it's not fair, it will get us in many consequences, and she can always try her best.   Cheating is not fair and will always will be. Based on what's happening between me and Samantha, I don't see any reason why it's fair. She told me she didn't have time to study. The thing about that is our teacher gave us abundant of time to prepare. It wouldn't be fair for me because I study hard and manage my time wisely. If I let her copy my answers all my hard work will be unworthy. She didn't study so she has to accept whatever she makes on that test. In addition to cheating being unfair, it will also get us in many consequences.    Furthermore cheating will get us in many consequences not just in school but also with our parents. If we get caught cheating we can get suspended or even expelled. The suspension will be in our school records which can affect our future. Of course, the school will call our parents, and that's another problem. It's just like a domino effect. Once our parents hear about the cheating, I bet the punishments are already prepared and will be harsher than the school's consequences. Since I'm an honor student, I couldn't afford to get in trouble. If people in school find out that we cheated, there might be a possibility that it will ruin our reputation. This may lead to bullying. I was telling Samantha the consequences as we walked through the rowdy, narrow and boisterous hallways. Besides of getting in many trouble, I told her she can always try her best.     "We won't be cheating, so at least try your best." I told Samantha. She...
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