Topics: Academic dishonesty, Cheating, 2005 singles Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: March 11, 2013
For a student to be considered a good citizen as a student, it is not always necessary for him to report the cheating and dishonesty he witnesses among his peers. One reason is if the student saw his best friend cheating. No one with good sense would tell on his best friend because he does not want to lose the relationship that has been built. The student’s best friend is someone who he always turns to for advice and they are like brothers. The time spent building that relationship should not have to be ruined over one moment of disagreement. Another example that points to this is if the student notices a person only cheating once. Then, it is not necessary to report the cheating to a higher authority. The student can choose to talk to the person that cheated and tell him that it is not a good thing to cheat. The problem can clearly be resolved by the student just talking to the person he saw cheating instead of having to report it. The last example that suggests this is if the student saw his classmate chewing gum when it was not allowed. Everyone breaks the rules once in awhile, no one is perfect. The student should not have to go to the teacher and report his classmate. If the student’s classmate starts cracking his gum and it becomes a disruption, the student should ask his classmate to stop, but if it is not a disruption to the class, then the student should not report him. In conclusion, reporting the cheating and dishonesty witnessed among peers can result in bad results, such as losing a best friend, not just good results.
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