Chavez Ravine

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  • Published : February 2, 2006
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Chavez Ravine

Over the course of time, Los Angeles has had many successes and failures. Many such success and failures are overlooked and forgotten due to time. Other successes and failures are buried by the government. One such example is Chavez Ravine, better known as Dodgers Stadium. Chavez Ravine, made up of three main neighborhoods—Palo Verde, La Loma and Bishop, was home to generations of Mexican Americans. The Federal Housing Act of 1949 gave Mayor Fletcher Bowron, the business opportunity of a lifetime. In July 1950, all residents of Chavez Ravine received letters from the city telling them that they would have to sell their homes. Many of the residents of Chavez Ravine rebelled, but to no avail. In 1952, Frank Wilkinson, the assistant director of the Los Angeles City Housing Authority, faced questioning by the House Un-American Activities Committee for supporting Communism. He was fired from his job and sentenced to one year in jail. This marked the end of Chavez Ravine. The construction of Dodger Stadium changed Los Angeles forever. Los Angeles' business boomed from the many tourists coming to see the world renowned Dodgers. The construction of Dodger Stadium also marked one of the greatest economic growths in Loa Angeles history. Also, real estate and property value in Los Angeles increased which caused realtors and investors to come to Los Angeles. All of these benefits came from Dodger Stadium. Even though Los Angeles gained much marketing and business from Dodgers stadium, Los Angeles loss a great deal of history. In addition, generations of Mexican Americans lost their heritage. Homes, memories, and families were lost in the wake of the construction of Dodgers Stadium. Generation upon generation was born in the same home creating an atmosphere of family and heritage. Some of the residents of Chavez Ravine were WWII veterans, but no concern or respect was shown for these heroes. The people of Chavez Ravine should have at least been given...