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Chateau Margaux - Swot Analysis

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Chateau Margaux - Swot Analysis

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Strengths Weaknesses
High level of control concerning labelling and production. Financial and legal barrier for new actors.
Substitut low quality
History of product.
Fame product.
Château Margaux premiers crus.
Unique know-how.
New clients growth of price
Precise target  rich people.
Special distribution.
Need to know Château Margaux for appreciate wine.New actors USA, Australia… Price very high.
Opportunities Threats
Consumer prefers French wine.
Château Margaux 15,5% of market share.
Reglementationdistribution and commercialization.
Wine consumption social and cultural.
Evolution of oenology.
New clients new market Asia and Russia.
Law label guaranteeing the quality of French wine.
Evolution of wine sector.
Open new market China market.Drop of market share (French wine), in foreign countries. New actor in Château margaux’s market.
2008 crisis.
Drop of exportation during 2 years (2008-2009)
Crisis of French wine.
New actors to reply of customer needs.

Determination of the Firm’s Competitive Position.

Expectations and Aspiration of customers and major stakeholders:

For all stakeholders and customer the brand image is important but also the quality of the wine and the history of the product. Château Margaux is a “premiers crus” is the most famous group of wine in the world. This place in wine scale gives the price, label and special know-how at consumers and stakeholders. This wine was respected all criteria of famous wine.

Success factors:
The main success factor of Château Margaux is the region of production ( Bordeaux) and the reputation of french wine but also the acceptation of Château Margaux in the group “premiers crus”. Other success factor is the unique know-how of French vineyard. This wine have a huge success since few years because is a luxury product and it’s not possible to consume this wine in a simple restaurant and it’s not...

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