Chastity and Sacramentality of the Body

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  • Published : October 12, 2008
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Chastity is the virtue that directs our sexual desires and attitudes toward the truth of love. It is the foundation and motivating force by which all acts of good are directed towards our neighbors and ourselves for the love of God. The virtue of Chastity is a reflection of honesty, faith, trust, and worshiping and knowing God. Everyone is called to be chaste. Chastity is a necessary virtue required for happiness and attaining true love. If a person is chaste then they will learn to control their desires. This enables us to enjoy pleasures in good things the way God wants us to. Chastity says “yes” to love but also fights lust which is a selfish desire.

In striving to live chastely as Christ did, we can be blessed with purity of heart. We will learn to see God’s love as a basis for a satisfying relationship. Chastity is a lifestyle of holiness. All relationships struggle with the power of sexual desires and the deeper desire to love. Overcoming these struggles is complicated by the media and our world’s obsession with sexual pleasures and the sexual focus of society. Sexual repression can backfire and lead to out of control reckless sexual behavior. Healthy chastity helps us acknowledge our sexual desires along with our desire for love and happiness. Chastity in a relationship helps people learn to love each other without lust and give themselves to each other totally in body and spirit.

Sacramentality of the Body
A sacrament is and outward sign instituted by Jesus to give grace. The sacraments are visible and physical signs that have real but invisible spiritual actions. The physical action of a sacrament communicates the spiritual action. The sacraments take an invisible reality which is Grace and make it visible. For example, when someone is baptized, the pouring of water is a physical action but the spiritual action is the washing away of original sin. The human body, because they are male and female, makes our call to love...
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