Chasing Vermeer

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  • Topic: Johannes Vermeer, Blue Balliett, A Lady Writing a Letter
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  • Published : October 9, 2008
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In the beginning of Blue Balliet’s Chasing Vermeer, Petra Andalee is a weird pear-shaped oddball, and Calder Pillay is also a peculiar person. Calder and Petra were both in Ms. Isabel Hussey’s homeroom 6th grade class. Ms. Hussey was a young, very joyful teacher who loved to study art. When the story first began, a mysterious thief had stolen the famous, and in my opinion beautiful painting “A Lady Writing.” Before the theft, Calder and Petra had many encounters and mysterious coincidences with the painting. For instance, Petra had a dream about the painting, although she claimed she had never seen the masterpiece. After the artwork was stolen Petra and Calder became a little closer. They already knew each other from school, but they both had an encounter at Powell’s Used Book Store. This was the first step of their friendship. But when Halloween came along, that’s when Calder told Petra about “A Lady Writing.” Petra thought she was simply just dressing like the woman she dreamt of, but Calder told her otherwise. Petra immediately questioned Calder about what he was saying. That’s when Calder told Petra about “A Lady Writing.” He then lead Petra to his house and showed her the famous Johannes Vermeer painting. This was on of the reasons why Calder and Petra were so determined in finding the painting. It turns out that Tommy, Calder’s best friend, has a mom that married a thief. Zelda Segovia, Tommy’s mom, thought she was marrying Fred Stedman. But she really married Xavier Glitts, a criminal mastermind who stole the famous Vermeer painting. He stole the painting for 60 million dollars that he was going to get paid, if he were to successfully steal the painting, and give it to the other criminal who was buying. Luckily, Calder and Petra found the painting before this could happen. They found the painting in Delia Dell Hall just by using the number 12 as a theory.
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