Chasing the Rabbit

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Chappisha Morgan

Book Critique “Chasing the Rabbit”

May 31, 2012

This book “Chasing the Rabbit” by Steven Spear was a difficult read for me, I didn’t like that it didn’t flow easily like the “Hug your customer” book by Jack Mitchell. This is supposed to be a good read book, but I honestly wasn’t impressed. I don’t like all his focus on Toyota and other industries. I’m assuming the goal of this book was to show us different challenges that organization may face while they are all on the chase for the rabbit or money or success I should say. I get that the main focus of a company is to bring in revenue and to compete with other companies in their industry, but I don’t see why he need to focus so much of the book on Toyota’s success, I get that his little stories showed us something in the end but I do feel like it was too much at times.

The books message is to show how much can be accomplished with less cost. Giving us the debate of weather an even trade off is how much we give up for something we really want which is taught in microeconomics. Life is all about the trade and what we have to lose in hope of a bigger gain or the better good. This much I can agree with. I think his chasing the rabbit metaphor is a good way to look at it because when you open a business we are competing with other companies and we all start at the same beginning but we get to the ending (which is the success level) differently.

I like the capability 3: “Sharing new knowledge throughout the organization” (pg 25-26) I think that was a great idea, lots of time things happen in a company and you don’t know about it until months later, so I agree once you have new knowledge of something let everyone else know so we can all be on the same page. Let’s all do the job the same way, if you don’t tell me what’s going on I wont be able to do the job the correct way so communicating the what’s what is very important in the business world

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