Chartres Cathedral

Topics: Arch, Gothic architecture, Architecture of the medieval cathedrals of England Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: May 27, 2011
Building a Medieval Cathedral
Medieval cathedrals were the wealth signs of the church. These were larger than castles. The cost for the construction of cathedral was high and the money for these buildings was paid by the people itself in the medieval times .For building magnificent buildings, medieval workers worked with basic tools. The first job of the architect in that time was to select best craftsmen and other highly skilled men that were needed. For the design of cathedral, some of the skilled persons were needed. A master sculptor| A master carpenter|

A master quarryman| A master roofer|
 A master glass maker| A master mortar maker|
A master blacksmith| A master stone cutter|
A master mason| |

Each master ran his own particular trade-so a master roofer would employ number of roofers for the construction of cathedral. For the design of cathedral, chapter was the body that approves the final design of cathedral and this body instructs the architect for what they wanted for construction. The number of tools for building a cathedral was small and most of them are listed as- Axe| Mathematical dividers|

Chisel| Sledge hammers|
Hammer| Brace and bit|
Saw| |
Auger| |

Large stones were used to build a cathedral. The major reason was that the cutting of a stone to certain measurement was a skilled art.

Chartres Cathedral project.
Location| Chartres, France|
Date| 1194-1260|
Building type| Cathedral|
Construction system| Bearing masonry|
Climate| Temperate|
Context| Small urban|
Style| Gothic exempler|

The chartres cathedral is considered as one of the finest examples of Gothic styles. Chartres Cathedral was mostly constructed between 1194 and 1260.Their alternative supports were eliminated as vaulting was quadripartite. Chartres was the first building on which buttresses were used which also determines the external appearance of the building. The chartres cathedral has sculptures of...
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