Chartered Market Technician

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Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Program Level 1
Spring 2012 Reading Assignments
The CMT 1 candidate is responsible for the material on a definition level. The candidate must understand the terminology used in these readings, be able to describe the concepts discussed in these readings, and be able to examine trends.

The CMT Level 1 Exam measures basic, entry-level competence. The CMT 1 candidate should have a working knowledge of the basic tools of the technician. Exam time length: 2 hours Exam format: Multiple Choice Immediate scoring will be available this exams. CMT Level 1 Exam tests the candidate's knowledge of six basic areas of technical analysis: 1) Terminology of technical analysis 2) Methods of charting 3) Determination of price trends/basics of pattern recognition 4) Establishing price targets 5) Equity market analysis 6) Applying technical analysis to bonds, currencies, futures and options Listed below and on the following page are the reading assignments for the Level 1 Exam. The CMT candidate is responsible for knowing and understanding the entire list of reading assignments.


CMT Level 1 Exam Reading Assignments
1) MTA Code of Ethics (attached at the end of this document) 2) Edwards, Robert D. and Magee, John, Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, 9th Edition, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, Florida, c2007, ISBN 0-8493-3772-0 Chapters: 1. The Technical Approach to Trading and Investing 2. Charts 3. The Dow Theory 4. The Dow Theory in Practice

5. The Dow Theory’s Defects 5.1 The Dow Theory in the 20th and 21st Centuries 6. Important Reversal Patterns 7. Important Reversal Patterns – Continued 8. Important Reversal Patterns – The Triangles 9. Important Reversal Patterns – Continued 10. Other Reversal Phenomena 10.1 Short-Term Phenomena of Potential Importance 11. Consolidation Formations 12. Gaps 13. Support and Resistance 14. Trendlines...
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