Chartered Accountant in Montreal

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The purpose of this report is to help me prepare for a career as a chartered in Canada, specifically in a firm in Montreal. I would like to graduate from John Molson School of Business with a grade point average that is higher than three so that I can then apply to the CA program and become a chartered accountant. Before I do all that, I need to get as much information as possible about the job and about the business field in general. In this report I will be using many different sources that will help me gain the information and the experience that I need. The first source is a book called “Successfully Managing your Accounting Career” by Henry Labus. “Montreal Financial: Small Business Accounting and Financial Consulting” is the blog that I will be using for this report from: Accountants World Do More Do better is the discussion forum from: // newsletter that I will be using is called The Accounting and Bookkeeping Tips Newsletter ( “Issues in Accounting Education” is the peer reviewed journal that I am using for this report ( As a primary source, my friend Michael Lewin will be available to help me in my career. The charitable organization I would like to volunteer for is the synagogue Hekhal Shalom. As an additional source I found the” Association Canada” ( repertoire where I can find association that have to do with the accounting job in Canada. A bar graph demonstrates how Montreal is the best city for continuing my education after my bachelor so that I can become a CA. A survey is also provided so that chartered accountants in Montreal can actually help me by telling me what they went through.

Purpose Statement
The purpose of this report is to help me prepare for a career as a chartered accountant in Canada, specifically in a firm in Montreal.

Title: Successfully Managing Your Accounting Career
Author: Henry Labus
Date and Location of Publication: 1988
URL: Description
This book is about how life would be when I become an accountant; it basically explains everything there is to know about living the life of an accountant; such as: career planning, balancing home and career life, what is going on in the accounting fields. Justification

This is the most relevant book for my specific carer search because it gives me a head up on what is coming up in my career plans and it gives me insight on the job itself and shows me what it is like. Most accountants have a hectic lifestyle and this book should show me how to balance my career and my personal life.

Title: Montreal Financial: Small Business Accounting and Financial Consulting Author: Ronika Khanna, Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst URL:

Date & Time Last Viewed: Sunday November 7, 2010
Date of Most Recent Post: Thursday, November 4, 2010
This blog gives me general information about what is going on in the accountancy field and in business in general. It has many different categories that allow me to easily browse the blog. The author post fun and interesting information about accounting and financial related issues. Justification

This is the most relevant blog for my specific career search because if I read the post that the author is making, it can give me a better understanding of the field that I am looking forward to work in. I can learn many different things that not everyone is aware of and that way I can have competitive advantage knowledge in my field.

Title: Accountants World Do More Do better
Date & Time Last Viewed:...
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