Chart of Theories

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Chart of Theories

Theory |Key Figures |Key Concepts of Personality Formation |Explanation of Disorder Personality |Validity |Comprehensiveness |Applicability |Cultural Utility | |Psychosocial


|Erik Erickson

Carl Rogers
Abraham Maslow |Erickson was interested in childhood development, and its effects on adult society. Erikson's theory refers to 'psychosocial crisis' which represents internal emotional conflict. With the emotional conflict there are 2 opposing emotional forces on each of the 8 stages of life after childhood. The important factor of this theory is the way someone approaches/deals with these potential conflicts. The specific actions can mold their personality.

Humanism is a philosophical movement that emphasizes the personal worth of the individual and the centrality of human values.  The Humanistic approach rests on the complex philosophical foundations of existentialism, and emphasizes the creative, spontaneous and active nature of human beings. This approach is very optimistic and focuses on noble human capacity to overcome hardship and despair. From a psychological standpoint important factors for Rogers were that he believed self actualization was testing and fulfilling our capabilities. To seek out new experiences, master new skills, quit boring jobs and find more exciting ones etc. |Personality disorders can be caused by a person not being able to get through certain stages of the psychosocial development. (Cervone & Pervin, 2010) These disorders can also be caused by traumatic life experiences. People may sometimes cover up the feelings they have or change their perspective on all new experiences they have based off of what happened to them in a previous psychosocial crisis. Personality disorders can also be caused by a person not being able to see a similarity between themselves and the experiences they have and can be called the self experience discrepancy....
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