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Graded Assignment

Unit Test, Part 2

Answer the questions, using complete sentences. When you have finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.

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1. Name three different kinds of graphs that are often used to plot information and discuss the value of each.


Three types of graphs are line graph, histogram or bar graph, and pie chart graph.

The line graph is used to describe how an object moves explaining relationship between time and distance traveled.

A histogram or bar graph is used to compare quantities using a series of vertical bars.

A pie chart graph represents data in a chart that resembles a pie cut into pieces. This is valuable when comparison to the whole is important.

Each type of graph presents information in a visual manner, which often makes interpretation more interesting.

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2. Explain what chart junk is and how it differs from the kind of items you should include in your graphs. Provide four examples.


Chart junk consists of decorative and distracting elements added to a graph that do not supply useful information on the graph such as texture or designs in the bars of a bar graph.

These may include strange highlighting or coloration, unusual formatting, cartoon drawings or pictures placed into the graph purely for visual effects such as gradation of color inside the bars of the bar graph or in the background.

The background of a graph should be plain, so not to distract from the content of the graph itself.

Additional information beneath or beside the dependent and independent variables should be avoided as it would only be repetitive and distract from the impact of...
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