Charmed, My Favorite TV Show

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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Charmed: My Favorite TV Show
Tolby Markham
Kaplan University
LS 526-01: Academic and Professional Writing for Graduate Students

Charmed: My Favorite TV Show

Charmed, I’m sure! Are you? Charmed is the story of The Charmed Ones – the most powerful good witches the world has ever known, whose job is to protect the innocent and not blow their cover. When their grandmother, Grams, suffers a heart attack, Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell move back into the family manor in San Francisco where Phoebe discovers the legendary Book of Shadows hidden in the attic. Reading aloud a mystical incantation, the three sisters receive their Wiccan powers, which are needed to fight off evil. Despite wanting normal lives, The Charmed Ones fight evil beings every day and have always been the most powerful source of good witches and good magic the world has ever seen. The perception of witches in American culture has undergone a radical transformation in the last century as Americans have become familiar with scientific explanations for supernatural events. Because of this, there has been much less genuine fear or hysteria regarding the supposed use of occult magic. Yet the popularity of witches in America persists even today. In fact, the frequent appearances of witches in television and film have gradually changed the way most Americans think about witches. The most notable change has been in the presentation of women in these roles—from the evil, traditional “hag” witches in early works like Disney’s Snow White to the much more attractive and benevolent Halliwell sisters of the television series Charmed. Magic in itself is fascinating. Having such a tremendous power id amazing and the responsibilities that come with it are enormous. Fighting demons, evil witches and warlords and


the ultimate bad guy “The Source” is what the Halliwell sisters are born...
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