Charlotte's Web

Topics: Charlotte's Web, E. B. White, Runt Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Danielle Van Natta
Professor Carr
English 27
30 October 2012
One’s Courage to Help Another
It is quite often we see people have the determination to help another individual. However, in E.B. White’s, “Charlotte’s Web” a story filled with friendship, loyalty, and most of all the drive to help another being. The readers are shown how one’s courage can go a long way. The readers can see right from the beginning the power of determination when Fern goes after her dad to save Wilbur from being killed, how Charlotte create words from her web to also save Wilbur from being eaten, and when Wilbur does everything in his power to save Charlotte from dying. It is amazing how an individual just decides to help another being without knowing anything about him or her. Therefore, the power of determination is shown several times throughout the book.

Right from the start of the story, the power of determination is revealed when Fern runs outside when she sees her father carrying an ax. Fern learned that her father is going to kill one of the pigs because it is a runt. Having sympathy for the pig, “she took hold of the ax and tried to pull it out of her father’s hand” (White 3). Fern pulling away the ax from her father reveals the courageous little girl that she is. She knows that killing the pig just because it was born little is unfair. She believes that the pig is innocent and did nothing wrong and does not deserve to die. Going after her father and clinging unto that ax shows tremendous courage. Not only she tells him to stop and not kill the pig, she holds on to the ax and reasons with her father. For being only a little girl, Fern shows remarkable bravery. For this determination act she is able to save the pig from death and is allowed to take care of him.

The power of determination is shown again when Wilbur, the pig Fern saved is now at the Zuckerman’s Farm. Wilbur has grown to be quite a pig, making friends with the other animals and especially Charlotte the...
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