Charlies Angels Essay

Topics: Lara Croft, Gender, Film Pages: 3 (1295 words) Published: October 16, 2010
English essay:
How do film makers explore their ideas and keep the audience interested? In your answer refer to the two films studied in class. Film makers explore their ideas and keep audiences interested in many ways. In the genre power chicks the film makers represent the changing roles of woman through making fun of stereotypes, and empowering woman. The power chicks genre is everywhere From Pink to Buffy, Charlie's Angels to Lara Croft … our large and small screens as well as our radios are deep in this newly empowered genre, And in film it is working great with film makers exploring new avenues keeping the audience interested. ‘’the new force in popular culture” They are indeed a new breed of the female icon. The brazen, strong, sexy and savvy go-getter, and enduring girl. Different from the female icons of the past, from our mothers and grandmothers generations which were innocent, reliant, vulnerable women. This new breed's power is unquestionable in terms of their media prominence. Their popularity is based on satisfying young female needs for more powerful role models. The power chick genre isn’t just popular with woman, the sex appeal for men is another reason for their popularity. A woman that can roundhouse kick like Chuck Norris but looks stunning in a bikini is a pull for men and perhaps also another allurement for some woman. Woman also wanted to see these new role models as Glamorous, That woman could be equal, could do what men did and still retain femininity as well as ‘’girlieness’’. The films Charlie’s angels and Lara Croft tomb raider are great examples of the power chick genre, from the girlie antics of the angels to the no nonsense attitude of Lara croft it represents a large part of the genre. The ideas and characteristics of the power chick genre are demonstrated in these films through the use of film devices such as camera shots, camera angles, music and other cinematography. Both films have female characters as the lead role with men...
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