Charlie Wales "Babylon Revisited"

Topics: Family, Forward, The Point Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Charlie Wales
Charlie Wales, who is known to be a man of many mistakes, is attempting to fix his past in order to regain the custody of his daughter, Honoria and start a new life as a reformed man. In order to do so, Charlie must prove to his sister in law Marion that he is a changed man. She seems to have a sheer hatred for Charlie, seeing as she's his wife's sister and is very well aware of all the things that had happened between the couple, making his wishes to gain custody of Honoria difficult. The recollections of the past seem to be haunting Charlie no matter where he goes.

Back in the "good old days" Charlie was just a rich man who had no need to work, which then soon resulted into he and his wife Helen drinking to the point of alcoholism. Shortly after the two took a turn for the worst, Helen died from heart troubles and Marion still swears Charlie's the true cause. She could never let him live that down, Marion would always manage to bring it up in conversation somehow. Not too long after Helen's death, Charlie was soon to experience the natural progression of severe alcoholism, financial woes, depression, and soon the loneliness slowly started to set in. Once you've fallen so far down sometimes the only way back is up and soon Charlie came to that realization for himself. From that point forward, he knew what he had to do in order to get his life on track and reclaim the key piece to his happiness, his daughter.

In order to tackle one of the biggest obstacles in his life, Charlie knew that he must learn to control the drinking before anything was going to change. He was then able to limit himself to one drink per day, which he sticks to faithfully even when he lost his chances of getting his daughter back. That type of dedication shows that Charlie is truly devoted to becoming a better person. Clearly, he is disgusted by who he used to be, so taking a step forward and actually making a positive change in his life is major, most addicts...
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