Charlie Sheen a Life of Self Abuse

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Charlie Sheen A Life Of Abuse

Charlie Sheen, is he famous because of his acting talents? Or is he famous for his well known substance abuse, his womanizing, or his crazy outbursts? What makes Charlie Sheen famous? Most people would say it was his role as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men. Others may say it’s the media’s attentiveness to his outbursts over being fired from the hit show. Perhaps it is his well known substance abuse, or the fact that he goes through women, like girls do new purses or shoes. One thing is clear; when a celebrity is evolved in risky behavior the media makes sure we all know.

Charlie Sheen was actually born Carlos Irwin Estevez, September 3, 1965. He took Charlie Sheen as a stage name similar to his father’s stage name Martin Sheen. Sheen has two older brothers and a younger sister who all went on to become actors. His first movie appearance was at age nine, in his father’s 1974 film The Execution of Private Slovik. After doing his first movie Sheen had an early interest in acting. A few weeks before graduating high school, Sheen was expelled from school for poor grades and lack of attendance, but little did he know this was the start of his troubles with risky behavior. Shortly after being expelled, Carlos Estevez took his stage name Charlie Sheen and went on to become the actor and famous substance abuser we all know today.

It didn’t take long before Sheen’s acting career took off in 1984. With a whole
Charlie Sheen A Life Of Abuse6
family filled with acting talent, it didn’t take long for Sheen to find work. He stared in many hit movies like Young Guns , The Three Musketeers , and Hot Shots. His Former role as Charlie Harper on CBS’s comedy Two and a Half Men, made Sheen the highest paid actor in television making 1.8 million per episode. Sure, he had talent but like most children brought up in a famous family and put into the light at an early age, it takes its toll. The question still remains Charlie Sheen, is he famous because of his acting talents?

Substance abuse is common amongst celebrities in the 21st century and Charlie Sheen is no stranger to drug and alcohol addiction. In the 1990’s Sheen’s substance abuse was out of control. He admitted to being an alcoholic and cocaine addict. Sheen was sent to rehab for the first time after repeated accidental overdoses. His acting career was not hindered by his known substance abuse as is the case for other celebrities during this time. In 1998 Charlie Sheen was sent to rehab a second time after violating parole. His father Martin Sheen turned him over to authorities.

In 2010 Charlie Sheen voluntarily went to rehab while in production for Two and a Half Men. Sheen’s most resent trip to rehab was in 2011 when he reportedly went on a bender with a group of strippers. Shortly after Sheen was hospitalized with abdominal pains, and shortly after put himself through a home based rehab. With all the publicity on Sheen’s drug abuse and risky social behavior producers put Two and a Half Men on hiatus. Charlie Sheen’s alcohol and drug abuse is constantly flashed on our televisions and popular celebrity magazines. This makes him one of the most well know substance abuse addict in today’s society. Does all of this media attention make Charlie Sheen more famous as a addict then by his own acting talent?

Charlie Sheen A Life Of Abuse7
Charlie Sheen has a long history of abusing and using women. In 1990 Sheen was engaged to Kelly Preston up until he “accidentally” shot her. Preston was quick to end the relationship following the incident. Sheen was first charged with assaulting a former girlfriend in 1996. The court sentenced Sheen to two years of probation, which he violated in 1998. In 2010 Sheen assaulted his third wife Brook Mueller with a knife threatening to kill her. Sheen pleads guilty to the assault charges and is sentenced to 30 days in rehab, 30 days of probation...
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