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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Simon Arango
FEBUARY 26, 2013

Expository Essay: Compare and Contrast-Flowers For Algernon
People treated Charlie before the surgery like a dumb man, and always laughed

at him, but when Charlie underwent the surgery, people were afraid of Charlie, so

things didn’t change a lot. Before the big surgery, Charlie was treated very bad,

due to his condition, and his "pals" at work treated him the worst. When they

went out and someone did something stupid, they called it "to pull a Charlie

Gordon". Also, when Charlie did something stupid, they laughed at him, and

Charlie laughed because he didn’t knew what was happening. After the surgery,

everybody that didn’t know about the surgery was scared of Charlie because he

became a genius instantly. They couldn’t bother Charlie because he already

knew what they were doing, and he could get mad with them. When Charlie

countered the prank they tried to do to him at the bakery, his "friends" got mad

and Charlie didn’t knew why. This shows that before and after the surgery,

people treated different Charlie, and he couldn't achieve what he was looking for,

to be a normal person.

As Charlie was preparing for the surgery, he was having a good time with his

friends. Little does he knew, they were not his friends. When they were all

together, and someone did something dumb, they called it "to pull a Charlie

Gordon". He thought that they were laughing with him but the truth is that they

were laughing at him. " Mr. Donner looked at me for a long time funny because i

gess i dont talk so much most of the time. And frank herd me and he laffed and

laffed until mr Donner told him to shut up and go tend to his oven."(Keyes 23).

This sentence reflects how people treated Charlie and how authorities as Mr.

Donner see how they treat Charlie, and try to stop them. Charlie didn't notice this

was happening way until the surgery was...
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