Charlie Chaplin

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Charles Chaplin
During the 1920's, when WW1 has been resolved, society was feeling esthatic. During the time, Jazz was starting to be played, and the radio had been invented. Also, silent movies were being created. One person that was creating fantastic silent movies was Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin is an actor, producer, and director that has changed the way of movie production through his challenging ideas and use of interesting angles. Chaplin's ideas were very interesting and gained many viewers from around the globe. But in order to get there, he had to work hard, and deal with plenty of problems that got on his way. Thus, Chaplin is an outgoing actor, director, and producer who was fearless in his filmmaking; he impacted history because he changed the ways of filmmaking through his creative and edgy ideas. Charles Chaplin’s entrance into acting was made difficult due to Mack Sennett, although the amount of money offered was a perk. It all started in 1908, when Prosperous Karno gave Charlie an audition for physical comedy. Karno taught Charles everything he needed to know about physical comedy (Coletta). By 1910, Charles was working for Karno as a comedian making $75 a week. While Charles was on his second tour in 1912, Mack Sennett liked his performance, and offered Charles a one year contract of $150 a week. He happily accepted the offer knowing he was going to make double the money (Giannetti 81). After a couple of days, Charles realized that he had made a horrible mistake signing that contract. “Sennett dissipated one’s personality...I knew that nothing transcended personality” says Charles (Giannetti 82). Mack Sennett’s directorial style was hard for Charles to deal with because to an actor personality was everything, but to Sennett, an actor’s personality was nothing to him. So, Charles convinced Sennett to let him direct and edit his own movies. It took a while, but eventually Sennett was convinced. Charles created an original character...
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