Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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  • Published : February 20, 2013
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie is a poor boy who lives with his parents and grandparents on both sides. There was a famous gigantic chocolate factory, ran by a man named Willy Wonka. The factory had closed its’ gate for more than fifteen years, no one had ever got in and the workers had never came out. But children loved their chocolates. Once, Wonka held an activity for children who like his chocolate around the world. Five golden tickets were hidden in five of the chocolate bars and whoever got the ticket gets to visit the factory. Charlie was lucky enough to get a golden ticket. The other four lucky children all have characteristics of their own. Augustus is greedy about food, Veruca is spoiled, Violet is boastful, and Mike is over addicted to video games. Their tour in the chocolate factory started out. For the other children wouldn’t listen to Wonka’s words and couldn’t go against the temptations, they each had a bad ending. Augustus fell into the chocolate river, Violet turned into a blue berry, Veruca fell into the garbage hole, and Mike was stretched into a thin shape. The only child left who was not attracted by any temptation was Charlie, who Wonka wanted to pass the factory to. But for Wonka refused to let Charlie bring his family into the factory, he rejected. At last, Charlie helped Wonka reunited his father, who was a dentist and once disagreed Wonka to have any kind of sweets. Charlie agreed to take over the factory and move his whole family into the facility.

One very important thing in this movie is family. Charlie wanted to sell the golden ticket and earn some money for his family at first, but then his family supported him to go take a look. Even though the family’s economy was challenged, but all they want was to give Charlie the best. After the tour in the chocolate factory, Wonka decided to pass on his career to Charlie. Charlie refused Wonka for he can not live with his family and this decision helped Wonka found the...
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