Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By | November 2012
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The Book Report

Title : Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Author : Roald Dahl

No. of pages : 190 pages

Prepared by : Queenie Cheung
Date : August, 2010

The Characters

Charlie Bucket
His family was poor. He liked to eat chocolate very much.

Willy Wonka
He was the owner of the big chocolate factory

Augustes Gloop
Augustes Gloop was a fat boy. He could eat many bars of chocolate in a day.

Veruca Salt
Veruca Salt was a small size girl.

Violet Beaurgarde
Violet liked to eat very much especially chocolate.

Mike Teavee
Mike Teavee was a smart boy. He loved to watch television. He watched more than ten hours television everyday.

Mr. Bucket
Mr Bucket was the only person in the family with a job. He worked on a toothpaste factory.

The story

Mr. Willy Wonka owned a chocolate factory. Charlie’s family was poor. They did not have enough money to buy proper food and eating chocolate was his dream.

One day, Willy Wonka invited five children to visit his factory who had found the golden tickets inside the bars. Charlie finally got that ticket. Wonka said the last child could stay till the end , his or her whole family could live in his factory for life.

Inside the chocolate factory was all the things made of chocolate, like water, grass , buttercups… The first person who disappeared was Augutus who felt into the chocolate river. The second was Violet Beauregarde. Her body turned blue as blueberry gums and disappeared.

Veruca Salt rushed into the Nut Room. She was thrown as a bad nut by hundred squirrels into the rubbish chute. Mike Teavee liked to watch television. He was turned into a million tiny pieces and became a midget.

Finally Charlie was the only person remained. His family could live in the chocolate factory finally.


I like to read this book very much. This book was very funny, interesting and full of imaginations. We...

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