Charles Pinckney

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Charles Pinckney was born on October 25th of 1757. He was born in Charleston, South Carolina to Col. Charles Pinckney. Little is known about his childhood except that he received proper schooling, because later in his life he became a lawyer.

In 1779 Charles Pinckney began practicing law in Charleston. He remained there till 1980, which was when he joined the continental army. By the time he joined the war had been going on for awhile. He started out as an officer in the army. He fought in the battle of Savannah in 1779 as well as the battle of Charleston the next year. The city fell and he was captured by the British and held till June of 1781. He had also been starting a political career like his other family members did before him.

He served in the Continental Congress between 1777 and 1778 as well as 1784 to 1787. Pinckney also served on the state legislature from 1779 to 1780, 1786 to 1789, and 1792 to 1796. He was a nationalist and fought very hard for the United States to receive the rights to navigate the Mississippi River.

Charles Pinckney had a very controversial role in the constitution. He was one of the youngest members, but he claims to have been one of the most influential. Pinckney claims to have submitted a draft for the constitution that was the basis for the final constitution. Many Historians have discarded this claim. They do however realize that he was one of the leaders on the committee. He also helped his home state of South Carolina.

Pinckney worked for the ratification of the Constitution in South Carolina in 1788. In that same year he married Mary Eleanor Laurens. Who was the daughter of a wealthy and politically powerful South Carolina merchant. Mary was supposed to have at least three children.

During this time Pinckney’s career also did better. He was governor of South Carolina from 1789 to 1792. He also chaired the state constitutional convention. During this time Pinckney became associated with...
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