Charles Manson

Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten

I. Life
A. Charles Manson’s parents
i. Kathleen Maddox
a. Teen Mom, 16 when she was pregnant
b. Was married to William Manson
a. Childhood
ii. Born
c. November 12, 1934
d. Cincinnati, Ohio
e. Birth name; Charles Miles Maddox
iii. Youth
f. Kathleen Didn’t want him
g. Sent to Relatives in West Virginia
1. Neglect, Abandonment, Abuse
2. Sent to School in Dress as Punishment
h. Ran Away to Mom; She Turned Him in Next Day
i. At 9, Began Robbing, Stealing and Auto Theft
3. Sent to School for Boys
iv. Married Life
j. First Marriage
4. 1954, Married Rosalie Willis
5. Had a son named Charles Manson Jr.
6. Divorced, 1957
7. Made him very Angry
k. Second Marriage
8. Candy Stevens, 1958
9. Prostitute
10. Second Son; Charles Luther Manson
l. Third marriage
11. Mary Brunner
i. Librarian and Environmentalist
ii. Third son; couldn’t find a name
II. The Family
b. Moved to Spahn Ranch
c. Became a ‘cult’ Followers
v. Flower Children
vi. Free love, Drugs, Ceremonies
vii. What Manson says goes
d. Believes
viii. Believed that blacks would take over
m. Parts of many religions
n. Wanted Dominate Power
ix. Summer of 1969; all blacks slaughter whites
e. Main Members of Family
x. Charles Watson
xi. Patricia Krenwinkel
xii. Susan Atkins
xiii. Leslie Van Houten
III. Murders
f. Tate Killings
xiv. August 9, 1962
xv. Killed everyone in the house
g. Sharon Tate
xvi. Actress...
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