Charles Lindbergh

Topics: Charles Lindbergh, Thought, Aviation pioneers Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Tamila Holland
November 25, 2012
Charles A. Lindbergh

1. Life for the immigrants was hard, long and dangerous. They had to completely re-establish themselves with little to no money and survive by farming and building their own shelter. The injury suffered by Lindberghs grandfather suggests that he was a determined man to provide for his family, as well as resilient by clinging to life with a severed arm. 3. Charles became attracted to machines when his father brought home Maria. Charles became fascinating with the engine learning its quirks. The automobile gave them a freedom of which they had never dreamed of before. They also experienced all types of weathers and road conditions. 1. People were fascinated at the idea of an individual being in a plane and flying. Lindbergh crashed a store and the owner wouldn’t accept payment, his presence in the plane was more than accommodating. Aviation pioneers used such terms as “miraculous”, and ”wondrous” to describe early flying experiences. Flying constituted a sort of technological religion, in which its practitioners worshipped the airplane as a mechanical God, it inspired a mystical faith that progress could overcome problems that plagued humanity. 2. Weather conditions and lack of fuel and technology were hazards Lindbergh had to face when carrying the mail. 3. Lindberg was obsessed with making the flight. He was a persistent and determined man with ever giving little thought to failure 4. Lindberg did not covet fame. He didn’t appreciate the crowds of people and reporters. He Found that being famous was intolerable to him. It was a bit unrealistic for Lindbergh not to think the public would be engulfed in his endeavors. Aviation was not yet routine, and many people had never even seen an aircraft up close, or had flew in one 1.
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