Charles Goodyear

Topics: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, Charles Goodyear, Vulcanization Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Charles Goodyear
Inventor of Goodyear Tire

*Born in New Haven, CT in 1800
* at 34 years of age he was put in prison for having a $5 hotel debt the he couldn’t pay off * while in prison he asked his wife to bring him Indian rubber and a rolling pin *his facination with rubber began from his diliking of how in his younger days, playing outside on a sunny day, the soles on his shoes would melt. *with the soles of his shoes melted it made it difficult run because it would stick to the fround *Also in the Winter, the soles would get brittle and hard.

*Indian rubber would melt in warm weather and get brittle and hard in cold weather. *He tried mixing sulfer with the Indian rubber
*Had to move to New York to continue his experiments without complaints of smells *Didnt have enough money to continue his experiments so he sold his belonging for money *He started to make rubber plater, hats, and ties.

*He ran out of rubber so he started to work for a man, Nathaniel Hayward who was the inventor of rubber *Bought a patient (license to use an invention) from Nathaniel *Discovered the volconization of rubber which made rubber not be able to harden in the cold and not melt or get sticky in the hot weather. *Charles Goodyear died even before he was able to see the company that made his name famous for the best tire brand. * Died July 1st, 1860

* 3 millinon cars on the road in the early 1900’s
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