Charles Foster Kane Campaigns for Governor

Topics: Logical fallacies, Ad hominem, Fallacy Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: November 16, 2010
During the speech "Charles Foster Kane Campaigns for Governor," I detected bias, fallacies, and a variety of rhetorical devices. From the beginning the speaker reveals a particular bias against the current Governor, Jim Gettys, by deliberately labeling his rule as 'evil domination'. This phrase indicates apparent bias by the Campaigner, who is in the same way biased about, but in favor of Kane, portraying him as a supporter of the common man. The campaigner bases his argument on his or her own personal preference but states no sustaining facts. In regards to a fallacy that were previously in use, I will identify that Kane did, in fact, demonstrate one of alliteration such as “…….I’ll do everything in my power to protect the underprivileged, the underpaid, and the underfed.” Not to mention a rhetorical device such as the one used in this statement: “…….to point out and make public the dishonest, the downright villainy of boss Jim W. Gettys’s political machine. These are only a diminutive assembly of the feature cases in point. A subject matter of the speech which contains the argumentum ad populum fallacy is that Kane is a companion of the common man or lower class. One of the most prominent fallacies is the argument that Kane seems to have before now been predetermined to be triumphant in the Governorship. In view of the fact that the election has not even begun, this is unquestionably fallacious, and in particular the erroneous belief of inappropriate conclusion. It is a purely not public consideration, argumentum ad hominem. The next fallacy is Kane's assertion that he wants to protect the underprivileged, followed by the disclaimer that he's too full of activity to put together specific promises. This modus operandi of making circular arguments is a fallacy known as circulus in probando. The speech also includes the use of numerous rhetorical devices such as several instances of the invective category where a word or short phrase is used to dramatically...
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