Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol

Topics: Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Tonielle Jackson
Dr. Manson
English 351-01
March 13, 2013
Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol
During the year of 1843 employer/employee relations were known to be horrible and no one thought it would change for the better. Charles Dickens’s novella A Christmas Carol gives a great description of how the relations were carried out. In his novella, Dickens reveals the harsh conditions and lack of relationship between the employer and employee. Through this novella we can see that the relationship was strictly business, no emotions involved, and harsh. The novella describes how Scrooge was all about money and he didn’t care about anything or anyone else. The conditions were harsh and it gives Scrooge a reality check and advocates the kind of chivalry of work that Carlyle promoted.

In the novella the employer/employee relations start off being harsh from the beginning. Scrooge is the employer and the abused, underpaid clerk Bob Cratchit is his employee. Bob is working in a harsh environment; he barely has any heat in his so called office to keep him warm. Bob symbolizes poor working conditions, especially long working hours. He doesn’t fuss or complain about the situation because he knows that it’s the only way he can provide for his family. After working alongside Scrooge he knows deep down inside what type of person Scrooge really is and Bob realizes that there is nothing he can do to change Scrooge.

Second, the novella gives Scrooge a reality check. He begins to see that the way he is treating his employee is wrong. He comes to this conclusion after being visited by The Ghost of Christmas Past. The ghost leads leads Scrooge on a journey into some of the happiest and saddest moments of Scrooge’s past events that would largely shape the current Scrooge. The Ghost of Christmas Past shows Scrooge how he used to love Christmas and that it was never about the money. He haunted him in order to prompt him to repent and the Ghost did so to demonstrate to Scrooge...
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