Charlemagne Contributions

Topics: Middle Ages, Charles Martel, Germanic peoples Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Contributions of Charlemagne
During all the history have been a lot of great emperor, kings, and all the realty stuff which in the past they have a lot of importance because they have to govern the people and also give an example and in a way teach them how to live and be the head of the country. Charlemagne that means Charles the great was the king of the Franks and he expanded his empire greatly. He was a Christian governor and he makes a lot of things to the church and for its country. In the art side he make a lot of contribution because as we remember that time was the medieval and the medieval has 3 important time: the early middle ages, the gothic period, and the Romanesque period, So when Charlemagne was at throne it was the early medieval period and the art started flourishing more for the church because everything they do was mostly referred to God or has a meaning beyond itself that always glorified God. As Charlemagne as king he has a lot of responsibility, and he make a lot of churches and that stuff, they make paintings to him that look very very nice because it was like king of gothic. He gave a lot of examples and a good thing is that he was with God and helps the church and makes a lot of Advances. So now that we know all this contributions we can say that he was a great leader and contributor to its empire and he was a very influential person in the medieval time that make the gothic art in some way reproduced because he like it, so after all he was a great leader that help a lot of people and he is a contributor to art.
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