Charla Nash's Chimp Incident

Topics: Chimpanzee, Common Chimpanzee, Stamford, Connecticut Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: May 21, 2012
The Incident of Charla Nash & Travis The Chimpanzee
You arrive at your friend’s house to suddenly get ripped apart by a chimpanzee! What can you do?  Nothing is your answer; you are helpless from Travis the Chimpanzee, tearing your face up, while he’s biting off your hands. How would you feel if you were in that victim’s shoes? That victim is Charla Nash, and this is her story. Leading to the Attack

It was a typical day for Charla Nash on February 16, 2009, until she gets a call from her friend Sandra Herold. Sandra explains to Charla that Travis has left her car keys. As a good friend Charla Nash goes to her house in north Stamford Connecticut to help out Sandra Herold with her dilemma. Travis was familiar with Charla Nash from working Sandra herolds towing company, so Travis could have gotten confused when he saw Charla with a fresh new hair cut, and could have been startled, thinking it was a stranger. Most likely that triggered his instincts to protect his care taker, Sandra Herold, and that’s when it happened. The Attack!

Suddenly, Travis charges at Charla and starts to attack her! The defenseless Charla cannot do much to resist the monkey 200 pounds of brute strength. So Sandra Herold has to make a rapid decision to either let her friend die, or to kill the chimp, the same chimp that she has raised like a child for years. Sandra decides to kill her chimp; Sandra attempted to do this by retrieving a shovel and whacking him with hit. However it has no affect on the chimp, Sandra gets a butcher knife and stabs Travis. Although Sandra stabbed Travis he is not dead, just wounded. Sandra calls for emergency to 9-1-1 and she explains the dilemma to the worker for 9-1-1. The Ambulance and police get to the home and the police officer is forced to shoot Travis, Travis retreats back to his cage so he can rest in peace. The Recovery

After Travis was killed Charla Nash was rushed to the hospital on the ambulance where she had to undergo very important face...
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