Topics: Education, Charitable organization, Charity Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: December 26, 2012
We are living in a privileged world, yet there are millions of people all over the globe who are impoverished, starving and living in terrible conditions. Organizations such as the Family Center and the Salvation Army are working feverishly to spend thousands or may even be hundreds of thousands of dollars for the people who need it. Being aware with these facets of life nowadays creates a sense of charitable purpose in each person, which in turn is translated into charitable deeds and make you reach out and create a big difference in other people’s lives. That’s why all of us should do charity work. Charity work can really benefit you, such as gives you skills or change your view and make become a better person. In charity work, you can help others learn and you can gain yourself new skills. If you are a member of a team organizing fund raising events for a local community organization, you learn to work on a team toward a common goal. Once mastered, the ability to understand and fulfill your role and communicate effectively with others to accomplish a project stays with you. Those skills will benefit you in any position you hold, be it salaried or volunteer. Charity work lets you experience something larger than yourself, teaches you the significance of a simple gesture. In the haste to get through all of the pressing priorities of the day at work or school and home, it is commonplace to forget about giving others the appreciation they deserve. Simple gestures as appreciate what others do can make you become better at recognizing others who touch your life outside of the volunteer position. Charity work also offers a unique opportunity to give back and inspire other people in the community which you have lived and worked. Donations to a charity given over the internet make their way into certain community sectors and there is anonymity to the giving. However, when you become involved in Special Olympics, Head Start or Meals on Wheels, you make a personal...
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