Charismatic Leadership and the New Leadership Approach

Topics: Leadership, Charismatic authority, Charisma Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Charismatic Leadership & the New Leadership Approach
1. What are the similarities and differences between charismatic and transformational leadership? A charismatic leader is a leader that makes you believe in his ideas (makes them appealing), and not just accept them, exactly like a transformational leader. He really wants the subordinates’ commitment to the company’s goals and to the leader himself. To gain employees’ approval of himself, the charismatic leader will prove to be good at handling crowds of people, at analyzing their mood and consequently at talking to them. He will not rely on his power as a superior or the authority it gives him, and will take personal risks, which will grant him the trust of the people he works with. On the other hand, a transformational leader, who could well be charismatic, has the objective of transforming the whole company: thing that only a charismatic leader with good intentions would want to do. As the charismatic leader has everyone’s trust, it can be very dangerous for the organization if his priorities are not properly set and/or if they have a too high opinion of themselves and their capacities. In some cases, a leader can be so charismatic that subordinates would believe anything he says, even when it’s not the best for the company: and this is the main difference between charismatic end transformational leadership. 2. Read the attached excerpts from business media and consultancy presentations concerning leaders that are said to be charismatic. a. Is it correct to talk of charismatic leadership in these cases, according to the definitions of charisma found in the course literature? Steve Jobs is obviously a leader according to the definitions of charisma we went through: he got to give Apple the image it has today, and he manages to catch everyone’s attention at every important speech/introduction of a product (products he kind of takes responsibility for because he is the one who gets to choose what...
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