Charisma Case Study

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Learning Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: February 3, 2011
A case study on non-verbal communications

Case Study: Charisma Corporation
1. Describe the communication process that Malini Varma uses in her dealings with candidates and employees. Answer:
Malini Varma, head of Charisma Corporation has embarked on a new kind of technique to improve the final sales of company by focusing on body movements and mannerism of the employees. It has become an important part of her interpersonal dealings as it truly reflects what an individual is saying. She uses this technique to make decisions about potential employees and potential customers by ‘reading’ them. She also uses this technique while hiring job candidates to predict if the candidate will be an aggressive salesperson while simultaneously being personable and friendly. She does this by looking into the eyes of possible candidates. If the candidate is concerned he/she will make an eye contact with her or else not. For instance if the candidate is not making an eye contact with her, leaning back on his/her chair and has crossed both of his/her legs and arms she can easily conclude that the candidate is least concerned and not fit for the job. In this way she chooses the right candidates having good non-verbal skills so as to help the organization to achieve its annual sales goal. She has found that there is a direct link between good communication skill and successful performance. Similarly she uses this technique to understand the potential customers too. This helps her to know what possible objections her customer could have and in this way she is able to steer the conversation with the customers in a direction that ultimately leads to successfully closing a sale and which is a major competitive advantage. 2. What problem might Varma encounter by her heavy reliance on non-verbal communications? ANSWER:

There is no doubt that non-verbal communications help a lot in reading people and understanding them as well. But relying...
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