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  • Published : October 5, 2008
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In brief, personal magnetism (Tony Alessandra uses this term interchangeably with charisma), says the author, it’s what makes people like you – even when they don’t know much about you. Mr. Alessandra gives an example of charisma’s importance: two managers with equal training and experience are put in charge of similar group tasks. But the results differ drastically. One task force flounders and misses a critical deadline. The other quickly meshes as a team and produces a report so stunning that the breadth, depth, and clarity of its ideas has everyone talking. Tony Alessandra spent years studying why and how some people are viewed as more charismatic than others. This book, using examples both famous and obscure, will explain and illustrate what are the most common skills of charismatic people. More important, many suggestions on ways to develop charisma are given in the book. Charisma is that special magic that gives the super-successful the ability to influence and persuade others. An interesting question asked in the book: Do you have to be born with it? Definitely not, says Tony Alessandra. Whether you’re a CEO or a clerk, an engineer or an entrepreneur, a store manager or a member of the PTA, charisma is something that can be learned, and learned fast. The author shares out seven main components of charisma:

Your silent message (or your image);
Your ability to speak well;
Your listening skills;
Your persuasive talent;
Your use of space and time;
Your ability to adapt to others;
Your vision, your ideas.

Also, Tony Alessandra notices that charisma isn’t based on IQ, genetics, social position, wealth, or luck. He gives examples of helpfulness of charisma in success of such persons, as Lee Iacocca, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Franklin Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler and many others. In the end of a last chapter Tony Alessandra sounds a couple of cautionary notes. Being charismatic is a marvelous advantage in any endeavor. But unless it’s backed...
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